Hot Flash at  Colorado
Widowmaker,-3rd Place
Club Points
The Man with No Name
Kurley Kue & Muletrain
Hard at Work
Rio Salado Vaqueros 2017 Christmas Party
Yowee-15th Place at Worlds
The Draw at Colorado
Grey Wanderer vs. Hell on Wheels
Muletrain vs. Desert Rose
Muletrain 1st Master Gunfighter in Lousiana
Dirty Dan & Dead Eye Roy
The Stud
Shady Mike, 6th at World's
Apple Pie
Wyoming Ranger in Colorado
Dirty Dan at Colorado
Dry Gulcher at Colorado
Town Alley in Wickenburg
Everett Hitch
Miss Kitty
Shady Mike
No Name
QC Carver
Dirty Dan
Dakota Drifter
Scoring Table with The Draw, Kurley Cue, Gunslick Mick & Muletrain

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